Doctor Details

Dr. George Kutty

Specialist Otolaryngology
Dr. George Kutty graduated from Patliputra Medical College in 1978. He completed his post graduate studies in MS (ENT) from Ranchi Medical College in 1990.
He has overall 38 Years of experience of which 12 years as Medical Practitioner and 26 years as Otolaryngiologist in various hospitals in India, Saudi Arabia and UAE)
His expertise includes diagnosis and management of Vertigo, Headache and common ENT condition in OPD and minor surgical procedures in ENT.
  • Treatment of Acute and Chronic infections of Ear, Nose, and Throat.
  • Foreign Body removal from ear, nose and Throat.
  • Treatment of Acute and chronic tonsillitis and sinusitis
  • Screening of deafness, wax removal
  • Counselling on snoring and voice related problems.