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About Us

Welcome To

New Apollo Polyclinic

New Apollo Polyclinic is open to all patients every day and provides fundamental medical care. We use our superior academic knowledge to treat a wide range of health issues, taking a personal touch and utilizing highly specialized and up-to-date research.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a Centre of excellence in patient care by exceeding expectation every day.
We Care:

  • Continuous compliance with quality improvement system standards.
  • Accountability to our clients and transparency with in the whole organization.
  • Respect to people of all walks of life within the bounds of our services
  • Excellence in our day to day operations by means of efficiency, expertise and effectively

Our Mission

New Apollo Polyclinic in recognition of its mission, will strive,

  • Invest in the development of people
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Accountability to those we serve
  • Responsiveness to the health care needs of the community
  • Excellence in primary health care
  • To provide the quality primary clinical and nursing facility services needed by the community.
  • To develop a system of health care services in partnership with the clinic's staff and the community, in order to provide the most appropriate care to the greatest number of people in need
  • To maintain an environment which promotes safety, satisfaction, opportunity for the community and the employees.
  • To maintain clinic's financial ability to support quality health care at reasonable cost, in accordance with community need and regulatory authority
  • New Apollo Polyclinic vision is to uphold our mission and will accomplish this through the joint efforts of the clinic leadership, staff, other health care agencies and the community.